I am not perfect, that’s why I sin

When I say I, I don’t mean me

I speak for you, and me, and every member of the human race… for all have sinned

I don’t know how you sin, but I sin big… really big!

I remember the things I say; 40% are lies

I remember the places I go 60% are wrong

I remember the people I see: 100% are sinners

I am broken in spirit and I have a bitter tongue

I have a sickening feeling arising in my belly

I disgust myself with the things I do

I can’t even ask God to forgive me, or ask Jesus for pardon

I mean even I can’t forgive myself

If I tell you my sins, I know you’ll judge me

You would have me lashed up to bleeding point, and electrocuted

Then you’d ask that I be placed on a bed of nails

You’d go on and on… torturing me, thinking of the most painful death you could give to me as a trophy for my actions

I deserve anything you’d do to me… coz my sins are much and I am evil

I told you all my sins anyway

I told you I was a thief, a liar, a fornicator, a rapist, a cultist, whore, a wretch and more

Just before you pronounced my judgment

The accuser appeared.

“Kill him for these” he suggested

I stood there trembling and his terrifying agents dashed towards me

With axes of fire and whips of flame

Yes the world shouted

Let him pay for it

So I closed my eyes to welcome the pain; that death may quickly follow

That is after all what I deserve

Before they seized me up however; you- Mercy spoke again

“No!” you shouted

And once more you wrote on the floor in that ancient language of pardon

And my tormentors left for good

You saved me just as you saved the bible’s harlot

Then I knelt at your feet and said “judge me master!”

Then you said “go and sin no more!”

You pronounced your judgment:  “come son” you said “to my house of gold”

And drink the living water that you may thirst no more

Then be of good cheer: there is no condemnation for you

I’ll provide your needs you promised, so you need to steal no more

I’ll find you a good wife, so you need fornicate no more

I’ll fight for you, so you need be a cultist no more

I’ll be with you always, because I love you!

I repeat son, I love you whatever you do


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