This spirit is not gonna tell you what you already know

This spirit is here to teach

New knowledge, new hope

This spirit is in us all so you know him:

Bright night’s spirit existing at all time

Shaking the world with turbulent winds and quakes

God of the mighty and the little

Strong and powerful

Great and wonderful

God of volcanoes, God of seas

God of oceans, earth and breeze

Speaking in thunder’s voice

Communicating in a fearful tone

Tired of the still small voice

I am God

I am authority, and i command peace

Peace to the nations at war

Peace to the broken heart

Peace to the lost and peace to the strong

Let all flesh listen, I mean this message

Heed my word and sin no more

Accept this grace I give to you

Its neither early nor late, now is the time

Accept hope, accept freedom, accept peace, accept me, accept God, and accept this holy call

My spirit communes with yours

My spirit is same as yours

Both gentle, both in love,

both swore never to do the wrong

All of you were made but I was never created….

I exist in you; I live forever and remain the same

I know myself to be responsible for light

If you’re in darkness I know you’re lost

I know my ways to be holy and right

If you’re in sin again you’re lost

You are my passion

You are the reason I need to be everywhere

You are the reason i need to be God

You’re the reason I am in love

Spirit to spirit I call to you

Son of man heed my voice

This is your God, this is your Spirit


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