Risk and faith

Risk and faith

I was asking God to protect me from cutting myself while learning to use my left hand clean some sharp objects. I am originally right handed by the way, but I was working towards being able to use both equally or nearly so. God said “you better use your right hand because that’s your original training.



I want to be different God; I want to be uncommon, able to use both in all things. I thought you’ll love my desire to stand out!


Yes I love it, but using your left hands on these sharp objects which have almost cut you twice now is a risk.


Taken, So?


Risk is a way by which men get things done without involving me. It is not exactly as effective as faith.

After that conversation I took time to compare Risk and faith closely. In fact, I nearly deduced that the more the risk, the lesser the faith. Im still working on the article for that!


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