Fun Bible

Lessons & facts from the whole bible

Creation– Genesis 1

  • The very first thing you’ll find God saying is that Darkness is bad! Gen 1 vs4: and God saw the light that it was good, and god divided the light from the darkness.

Now if God saw the light and said that it was good, it means or implies that the darkness which was in existence before was in the sight of God bad. Take for example: I’m asked to talk of two children, and then I say, John is good, but I refuse to say anything at all about the other kid (Jones) it means that other kid whom I said nothing about is not good- bad!


  • In gen 1 vs. 4a, 10c, 12e, 18c, 21d, 25d, God kept on mentioning that all he created was good.  But he didn’t say so about the heavens because it was better.

Verse 26

  • Then God said; let us make man in our own image,

Who was God reasoning with? Himself ( Jesus & holy spirit): evidence 1 john 1 vs. 1, gen 1 vs. 2c talks about the word at the beginning being with God, making things with God, creating with God, fellowshipping with God, before he was made flesh.

Also, why did gen 1 vs 2c not say “and God was moving over the waters”? It’s simply because it was his spirit! So he called himself, his spirit, and his word together in a conference. To decide what man will look like. So the idea came “let us make man in our own image” not like the cattle, not like the dinosaurs, not like the whale, not like the lion, not like the tiger, but like ourselves. You look like God! Tell that to somebody.


This article will one day run all the way to revelation…


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