Hey there, what’s you looking for?

A huge Devil with 12 heads, black all-over, with horns,

Flaming skin, deep, dangerous voice?

That is a cartoon character my friend.

Come join up, let’s go search for the real devil

But why do you want to meet him anyway?

He’s wronged you I guess.

So when we find him, you’d probably like to kill him? – Fair enough!

Wait a second; have you told a lie? Are you a liar?

Now I’m hoping your answer up there was yes

If you said NO, that Is yet another Lie!

Well I must say that the devil we will find today may not meet your expectations

Sometimes shortly before, I was simply like you;

Always Finding God and the Devil

Wishing to see them both and mark differences for myself

Never mind, I’ve not seen God, but the devil I’ve surely found

Where did I find him? Come on, don’t ask me that

I swear you can guess.

I can perceive you both have met


The day I found the devil I discovered I couldn’t kill him like I always thought I would

“Who is the devil?” I yelled

The devil is a liar someone returned

I am a liar I suddenly realized

We are all liars I suddenly recalled

Reality dawned on me; I’m the devil I’ve been looking for

Don’t ask me my name

Just say it out loud

Call me DEVIL if you dare

Call me devil if you have not told a lie

Call me devil if you’re not

Look friend; hell is empty, all the devils are here!


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