An advert for God

 A stage play


AN ADVERT FOR GOD (stage script only)

Curtains open. Preset stage is revealed with a table standing behind a man in black suit and hat (magician/ martins). He was holding a magic wand. The table was covered with a partly red partly black cloth which dropped down around the table’s front to conceal a native god (Sango) who hid behind it. Stage lights flicker and come on eventually. Audience applause magician.

Like you all know I am simply called martins, and on this magic show, I do a trick and you get to decide if it is a magic trick or a martin’s trick…. Now I need a volunteer; any one from the audience to please for the sake of true magic pick a card, sign it, keep it, and let magic retrieve it… Simple, yes?

He begins to shuffle a deck of cards. Many hands were up already.

still expecting a volunteer. You?

Picks one fellow. Volunteer walks forward. When volunteer arrives, he/ she picks a card and signs on it. Magician shows card to audience.

Keep it your majesty. For maximum safety, keep it on your body.

Volunteer pockets the card. Magician waves his wand then points it at his volunteeer. Stage-Lights twitch.

Produce my card your majesty.

Volunteer reaches into the pocket. No card was found: Empty pocket only. Magician hums, paces around the confused volunteer and taps his own palm with his wand. He then walks to one end of the stage and picks the card from the floor then parades it for audience to see.

Isn’t this our card?

Audience clapped and cheered (yes!)

So you now judge us people; magic trick or Martins’ trick?

Magic trick!
Applause continues. Magician bowed, doffed his hat and was nearly leaving the stage when a youngman in a Yoruba attire walked up to him
Calling out to the magician who gives him audience by walking towards him
May I be of help?
That was no magic trick sir. You sir, have no magical gifts or powers.
Have you any evidences my lad?
Young fellow walks up to the volunteer who was still on stage. Audience murmured.
As a matter of fact I do
Fellow brings out the previous card from volunteers pocket .volunteer only lied not to find the card anymore and initially exposed only a fraction of his/her pocket. Fellow shows card to theaudience and then explained.
This volunteer has been paid to sign on a complete deck of cards ever bbefore the show began and theses cards were kept right over here.
Pointing &Walkingtowards where the magician had earlier on picked the missing card.
so when the show began, this man here will pick his own volunteer, to sign any card and find a similarly signed one from these.
Raising up the deck he found on the stage and flipping them over. Audience saw that all were signed. They began to walk forward and throw things at the magician and his volunteer who ran away. After the magician was gone, young fellow addresses the audience.
Now people, would you love to see real, true, pure magic? No tricks?
Well then, get ready.
Lights go off totally. Audiences settle to produce still silence. Tense theme &cultic music vocals begin to play.
my name is Fadeyi; a Yoruba fellow.
I am from western Nigeria
Lights return.
I know, speak with, believe, understand, and worship 16 gods.
I will let you see the power of only four tonight.
There is OGUN; the Yoruba god of thunder…
Lights go out across auditorium. Thunder clap sounds from keyboard are accompanied by lightening strobe lights dominate the ongoing cultic sounds.
He rules the thunder and metal elements.
All the strongest elements of the earth; in land or sea or far beyond.
Strong, powerful, a typical god of war
The embarrassed magician has now returned with an army to teach FADEYI a lesson. OGUN; Fadeyi’s number one god stroked them down while Fadeyi was still speaking. The thunder claps continued. Fadeyi proceeds to the eulogy of his second God.
Sango; the Yoruba God of fire and flames
The Sango who had hidden himself from the audience by bending behind the covered table then arose. He did several fire tricks.
Evil, deep red eyes
Unconditionally ever strict
Eats flames and bulges fire…
A god so great none can challenge
Or is there any amongst you; may be you, or you
Pointing from one member of the audience to another. They all reacted with fearful shivers and backward movements.
A certain member of the audience however stood and walked up towards him.
I know one
Iknow one God greater than all
Bigger than magic
Fiercer than war
A solo God whom without an army can take out all of your 16 gods and more…
Shall I meet him?

You already have my friend; he is the air you breathe
Strong fan effects begin.
He is the light you see
Lights come on across the auditorium
He is the water that quenches evil fires

He is the one God that made all
He can even raise the dead, or kill the living
He is the almighty; the one that answers to nobody.
I hope you know JESUS; coz he is the only God worth knowing


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