The argument.

“If a drunkard told you to buy him a drink first before he could listen to any of your Jesus talk or follow you to church, would you buy him the drink?” Someone once asked this at Sunday school


An argument quickly Began. Men and women stood up in turns, each giving His/her own replies.

NEVER! A certain man exclaimed. The Bible says “I should be not partaker of another man’s Iniquity.” If I buy Him the Drink, I would be the reason he drinks again today. I could in fact be as well preaching that there is absolutely nothing wrong with his drinking habit.

I would Buy him the drink” an elderly woman commented lightly. Trying hard to sound clear as possible. The reason is that he would totally walk out on me if I don’t. I would do that, in order that I might gain His attention. In fact, I would be praying along as I buy the drink. The thing is God can even make Him so totally engrossed in the word (which he chose to hear only because I bought the drink)that he might forget to have his Drink after all.


“We have a very active Pastor in one of our church branches today,” someone else began “who was a chronic drunkard some time before his conversion.”  His salvation story I Believe should answer this question far beyond a doubt. It was this exact same scenario, and the minister whom God used to reach him testified to have bought wine in order to make him listen. Now see where that drunkard of yesterday has reached.


The pastor’s wife also spoke. Let us look at this situation from another  Angle she proposed. What if he wasn’t a drunkard? What if you preached to a pagan who said in order to follow you to your church, he had to sleep with you? Would you do that?

There was a long silence in the hall. The argument then continued with other people saying one or two things each man expressing his views. The highest count of the most experienced church goers voted “No!”

The truth of the matter? Look in 1cor9:20-25 in there Paul said to the rich, he was rich, to the poor, he was poor, to them that are without law, he became as without law. He said he became all things to all men that he might by means save some. Now Judging By these words, Paul would have bought nearly a pack of drinks to make the drunkard hear him out. Now I would do the same.


  1. I  knew that the word is a seed. i needed that drunkard  to hear God’s word, carry home the seed in Him, and let the Holy spirit take it from there. The truth is I had to make him listen at all cost (Drink cost included)
  2. If I will follow The pastor’s wife’s trend, I would ask her; what if the pagan asked you to buy him a shirt, or if he said he was hungry and wanted you to buy him food in order for him to listen or follow you to church. Wouldn’t you Buy it? I mean, this is a simple question of Hospitality; in fact the drunkard doesn’t even know at the moment that there is anything wrong in his habit. He simply assumes it to be fun and wants you to pay for him to enjoy a little.
  3. Also, there are two classes of God’s ministers. The first work in the vine yard, tending the flock of God, while the second work in the devils forest, hunting and taming his dogs, tricking them to God’s kingdom…

….. this argument will be concluded in The Argument pt 2

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