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It’s called the world-cup

So I’m fine with the name, not Brazil cup, or American cup or Nigerian cup

It belongs to us; every one of us

It belongs to earth and all that live in it

See every match by every team, feel their pain and connect with their joy

Weather you love football or not, I can guarantee you’ll find it fun

You’ll find it fun when the die-hards do their thing; get the ball in no matter the cost

You’ll find it fun when the lame man criticizes their speed

When the blind men sing the victory song along with all the world

The game might not be fun but I bet watching your old grandfather hop across the living room will do

And more, the joy and fun will not come to you where you’re sited isolated from the people whose stupidity drives you nuts

It’s the irregularity in the behavior of people for these few days that make all the difference

Go out and get the fun, go out and get the spirit

This is the world cup, and everyone’s invited!


World-cup averts alien invasion

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My definition of the term world-cup:

You really wanna know? Well I’ll tell you

It’s a cup that must stay in the world

It’s a cup that belongs to all the world

A unity sign, a price for the lucky team that has done it’s home work

So, I don’t care if Nigeria wins or Germany wins, or America wins,

As long as the cup stays here in our world, it’s still ours!

It’s a joy that any country is actually allowed to win

Aliens are however not allowed to partake, and they are angry we didn’t involve them

so if we the world people, win the world cup, everything rhymes.

No grudges, no complaints, no criticism or hatred; rejoice with the country that wins

Coz if they don’t, maybe aliens will annoyingly invade our world and seize the cup

Earth’s people couldn’t even win their own cup they’d say while destroying things and making away with our heritage

See the winner as the nation that has saved us an invasion, we win only because we can

No matter how far away from your country it is carried, it is your cup!

This is our selling point


The aliens beat us hands down in technology

They are far more advanced; the bees are far more hardworking

And no matter how fast the fastest man is, he’d never out run the antelope

Football is the only thing every other universal specie can jealous us for

The bees will never learn it, the aliens will never adapt to this

The antelope; no matter how fast can not even outsmart our kids with the ball

Football is what we do better than all of them

Football is our idea, our invention

The celebration of our most unique distinction

This is football!

Speak Along With all the World

Image  Image


We communicate a-lot; nations of the world

people of different standards, different languages and backgrounds

the rivals and the lovers

natural-born distant friends

all folks in every far away country now have a chance to speak and be heard

your emotions, your patriotism

 the natural affection that you feel for your team

the passion with which they represent your national value

it is your chance to talk to those who do not know your language

there’s only one way to make them understand your perspective

speak football; for soccer will be the common language of the world

at least until these 64matches are over!

this is the #World-Cup trend…





The children of this land are no idiots

They know what they’re getting is only a fraction of what they deserve

They know we can give them more

They know what the future should be

They know how far they should be allowed to rise

They are a strong people

They are an up-coming generation

They’ll refuse to take rationed security

They’ll cry to have all their rights exercised to the fullest

They would not listen when you tell them that the sky is the limit

They know of the foot-prints on the moon

They’ll not accept a blur future

The children will throw our rations of hope, and amputated security back at us

They’ll kick our incomplete, deformed offer of a manageable future back in our face

These children will make a stand today, and will live to support it tomorrow

These children are not going to quit

This is the generation the world has been expecting

These children are making an alternative ability to counter our recent in-abilities

They are the one true hope we’ve got

They are our final shot at our aimed destination

The future is here, the children are here

These children are the future we cry to see

Support a child today; be generous to your own self, to your own future




See, I look out in the streets and there I found what the children need

They need a home not a house

They need parents, not busy people who are slaves to their jobs

They need a leadership, not this incompetency(s) we elected

The children need us to grow

They need us to teach them the difference between the right and the wrong

They need inspiration, they need hope

They need you!

They don’t only need to survive, they deserve to live

They deserve freedom, and peace, security and a right to life

Give one child the best you can

Make the day count! Affect a child!



The celebration will promptly begin

The appreciation of the gifts of the lovely children of our society

Usually the kids would sing, usually they’ll stage a dance

This they’ve always done in the yester-years that recently passed

But not today! They are too weary to sing, too tired to dance

They will refuse to give us our usual dosage of outstanding fun

They will not laugh across the streets happily or throw balloons


They miss their friends, they miss the other children

Those that lie far-away crying for united help

The children are sensitive… they can hear more than we do

They can connect better

Their own imaginations can actually take them there

They can feel the same pain as their missing friends

They refuse to dance today, instead they will shout again and again until the right people hear

Bring back our Girls

There is a reason they never listen

there is a reason Daddy’s always harsh

there is a reason mummy’s always nagging

i’ll show you why, and one day when you are a dad do not forget to do the same

they’ve been 7, 12, 18, 26, even 30 before

they have seen many things happen

most of the things you do, they probably have done before

the thing is; they are leaving a regret! 

the fact remains that there is more they couuld have become

have they done things a little differently, maybe they would be on the list of the world’s most successful today

they are trying to stop their regrets from haunting you

they love you, they wanna save you

so they’ll never shut that fuck up until you listen

until you change

until success follows you!

you have a duty ahead when you’re a dad as well

please shout!

We lied to the world

we are the children of the least of men

we have not been to great places

neither have we done great things

we have dinned with no kings

and no princesses will marry us

we are little, we are poor

we are the off-springs of the noble

the children of them that hate corruption

we are the scape-goats of the society

we have refused the meal of the kings

for it was boiled in the blood of our missing kins

this is the cry of the children whose fathers fell up-holding the values of this society we enjoy today

Big-man, do not forget the heroes that fought for your children when you ran away

do not forget your promises to compensate our losses dear leaders

for in the truth, you are only a leader when there is a people to follow you

you may have lied to the world and have them believe

but this one thing you’ll never learn to do

you’ll never fool us, we know who you are

and most of all, you will never  fool yourself!

in-fact, you can’t!

A Little lie


well, let me tell you a little lie!

see i lie when i say you’re not capable

i lie when i say you are not able

i lie when i say you are no good, or when i say you’re worthless

coz all these are not what i truly see when i look at you

i saw you; then i saw it all

all the strength in the world

an emerging star

a new light

a gifted personality

so complete, so full

a perfection in the making

i see all that courage, that unstoppable spirit

an icon the world will live to know

this is what you are worth on the inside

you are whatever you decide…

you may not beleive my little lie until tonight

when the stars are out and you see that despite all the darkness, your light can truely shine if you let it!