• Brain is no guarantee for common sense

  • Let that big head that hath no brain be cut off!

  • If there was any such thing as common sense, I think it must be extinct by now

  • Having a brain means you can think, having a heart means you can make good decision

  • Brain is not common sense. In fact in the end, it is an assurance that we can be sometimes stupid



  • All the brave may die tonight, but the cowards will surely not live forever

  • If I die leaving my course un-fulfilled, call me stupid when I’m gone

  • It takes bravery to climb up the success ladder; some of the steps are very weak.


  • Most times, our destiny just has to be carved out of our mistakes

  • We are born without a path, no actual clear future but the one we make


  • I once learnt that the education which we pay so much to obtain has become incompetent to our family sustain.

  • Education is so important that it can’t even guarantee you a permanent job.

  • The world has changed, but education has yet to change with it.

  • Nothing is so difficult to do; once you know how to do it.

  • Getting rich is not a function of your grad-school

  • Authentic education is not obtained in the finest of colleges; it is a basic function of the most elementary tutorial institution- the home!

  • I once saw sincere education peddled by the way side& in the street’s corners; no longer expensive or commonly rare.


  • I live this phase of my life learning from the mistakes of people I see, read about or hear about; the thing is I don’t wait to make mistakes before I learn; experience is a cruel teacher.

  • Schooled by experience, I have seen so many things happen to others


  • When some decide to love you, there’s really nothing you can do to piss them off


  • Failure is like shit; we all can bear the stench of ours, but detest seeing it in others.

  • You have no right to laugh at me when I fall; the fact that you saw me land means you’ve been down here quite a while

  • I don’t know why it’s so expensive to publicize my good deeds when there are always a lot of people ready to advertise my failure for free.



  • We are surely greater than our fathers; while they wrote deep meanings in one line of every proverb, we write countless words in big fat romance novels with nothing at all to learn but Dictions!

  • Most of the time, we give our kids the exact advices we received from our parents. The problem with that is; we are no longer in the 80’s

  • My parents’ advice may have worked for people born before 1999; but for those of us that live in this fucking modern environment? …

* you are only a president when there is a Nation!


  • It’s easy to be too early, and easier to be too late; the hardest challenge is being right on time exactly


  • Depending on your definition of success, you can choose to pile wealth or academic certificates!

  • You are in business, making a lot of money, but you touch no lives? Well CONGRATS! You are as useful to the world as the letter ‘K’ in the spelling of Knife.

  • Being rich has to do with what you get; being famous has to do with what you give. Being rich and famous is about giving nearly all you’ve got

  • The difference between you and I is that while you do your job to get money, I do mine to get happy. As for the money, it just comes…

  • When business fails, turn to investments, when investment fails, Become a philanthropist!


  • Now we begin, now we start. Please be ready, those of us that aim for success will towards it fly shortly; never to land again.

You can catch success; only if you run faster than your peers.


  • When I see an employee and an investor (business owner) I see the clear difference between controlling your destiny, and giving up that control to somebody else.


  • We are born unable to do things each fellow by himself alone. The funny thing is that we so remain forever un-independent!


  • We all will see the future; if you can travel 60 seconds in every one minute, you’ll get there.



  • I guess freedom of speech means speak your mind, all of it; only to your peers and juniors by the way, never to your superiors

  • We therefore live in a free society now-a-days, since there is freedom in abundance to those who can afford to buy it!

  • Freedom probably means you don’t have a job; since most bosses are as masters and their workers as slaves





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