The Herald

                                                                                                             The Herald

movie script advert THE HERALD


Speaking from within a thick Darkness

Have you ever seen those movies about the times of old?

When God at one time or another responded to the sins of men?

Where all man and cattle died in the end?

In Sodom, in Gomorrah, in the time of Noah

With fire and rain, not stopping until all life was gone?

Thunder clap opens this Voice-over from first line. Clips that portray universal destruction were being played under a really sad theme tune. Explosions, death and aftermath of cold wars with all men and animals dead, even nature looked barren.

What about since then?

God has been quite calm

Man sins, God forgives nearly automatically

So by the end of this last decade, crime got to a climax

When narration reaches “God has been calm” theme tune calms. A violent rumble begins and proceeds as several forms of modern day wickedness were being highlighted.

Some say when we sin and live a wicked life that God sends us all to hell.

My grand father was a pastor, and he always said:

Old clergy speaking before congregation affirmatively. Scene transits from him to proceed with modern wickedness highlights while his voice ran yet.

“I am afraid that if wickedness continues to spread, and all men still sinful, may be one day God will just get tired of all the bull shit! May be then he’ll not send everyone to hell after all. Maybe he’ll just send hell right out here to us!

Crash sound! Black screen. Tune rising. Male voice resumes

Now God help us that day!

This is:



Devils invasion: World war III

Movie title crashes into dark screen accompanied by lightening




Friday evening. 12-12-2053

Sub- Saharan region. North of Nigeria.

14:00 hrs

The details above appear on screen. Camera runs along the long un-inhabited soil land (entirely desert). Earth begins to crack open, soil begins to fall into the huge flaming rift. Cracks spread out wider gaining branches and sub branches heading for town. Soon it reaches Nigeria. Entering through the houses, destroying them, cutting roads, swallowing cars, humans, herds, and what ever else was in its path. People began to run halter skater shouting names of different loved ones while running and trying hard to survive. Cracks stop suddenly.  People turned back to see what was happening or celebrate survival. 3 hefty men with scary heights approach hurriedly, pushing their way through the panicking crowd. They were dressed as bishops. 2 of them pulled a big cross (8ft max, wooden, stained with rotten blood and old) the other one carried a small cross and a big Holy book. They made for the cracks nearest end. On getting there those who carried the cross planted it at the tip of the crack. A violent wind immediately attacked, tossing objects at them. The third bishop pointed the small cross to the bigger one. Some kind of radiation began which helped shield them while other people ran from the objects the wind kept throwing. The bishops held on tight to the cross. The wind seized their caps and tore their wears until they looked ragged. The one holding the smaller cross began to recite a powerful verse in some ancient tongue. The lights around both crosses began to grow.

Mean while from the far center of the crack levitated a huge black round bubble seemingly contained roast smoke. It floated higher and higher until it burst. Out of it came a cow size human resembling creature with two bat wings which it spread out wide that thick smoke may from them emanate. The smoke headed straight for the sun without diffusing at all. This shadow brought an eclipse, a very dark one. The bishops continued struggling to conclude their rituals. The creature didn’t seem bothered until now. It looked in their direction with UV-illuminated eyes and they instantly became static and hard as if they were carved of strong soil. The wind then blew away their skin and their bones withered away. The cross also fell broke. The creature formed back into bubble and returned into the crack.

Blank screen! Quiet.

20 years Ago…





Another half scene from The Herald.

Jake was now helpless on the floor about 2 meters away from Lucifer. Lucifer took to the air and dashed violently towards Jake with a whirling turbulent furnace spinning around him. As he nearly hit Jake with his proposed knock-out move, a huge light illuminated the large combat hall. The roof split open, more of the light came shining down. The great light prevented Lucifer from hitting Jake; instead, something like a flame sword held by a man-with-wings shielded Jake sending Lucifer falling back, breaking countless pillars of the hall until he fell to the floor on the opposite far end. He managed to kneel up at the end of his fall.



But you promised not to fight for them God


This is not God old friend, it is I; your one time errand boy.

The light ray reduces to show the fair man with blonde hair which went long downwards to his back passing between his wings. Lucifer recognized him at once.


Oh Sathaniel. Did the father send you?


He is not your father, and nobody sent me.


You were only a boy when I left the sky palace. Look what you’ve become.


Those of us above are not allowed to shrink. How is hell Lucifer?


Come see for yourself, visit us some time.


No thank you!


No worries! So what? (Pause)

Has heaven grown so boring that you now show up here in your full immortal attire, just to have fun?


I am his personal guardian angel Lucifer, and I’m just doing my job. (camera spies on recovering Jake, Sathaniel proceeds.)

I hear you live here now.


Yeah. Wonderful new place. I moved in recently.


Wow! Pity, some one’s gonna have to throw you out.

( I wish I could write the entire script up here people but no, wait till the movie is out!)

Interested producers to call; +2348123168053, +2347038784999, +2347061959103.

This script Is still for sale.





and here’s some more from The Herald;




The war kept heating up. Jake rode out on the white dragon (Egolat; a pretty fast though huge sized beast.) below him were the hundreds of thousands of earth’s survivors who nested in Eden 12months. Each man with his weapon (mostly swords): Rushing out violently towards the quiet lonely streets of the vandalized old world. All were aggressive, ready to take back their world and kill all that would stand in their way. Women and children queued fearfully behind the men (holding funny weapons to which each was perfectly acquainted.) Paulina led the archers queued to the far right. Jake’s dragon soon carried him farther ahead of them into the real world. It dropped Jake in a quiet lonely street full of dysfunctional machines and exploded vehicles. Jake came dropping to the floor; balancing himself with a forward roll and an half kneel pose. Egolat glided away leaving Jake alone in the quote lonely environment.


Fucking ice-dragon! (Looking up and around to find Egolat as he rose to his feet)

‘You trying to get me killed?

Some of the 3rd specie demons (shape shifters) currently looking almost human began to pull out of the various corners of the environment towards Jake. He drew both his swords and moved himself to the most spacious center of the ambush.  Before he could attack the first of them, Egolat showed up from nowhere; coughing out his freezing fog all over the gathered demons. They all froze temporarily; forming ice-statues where they stood. Jake hit them one after another and they broke to pieces as they came in contact with the solid tarred road floor. Jake hopped onto Egolat’s back and rode away.


For once there I thought you’d left me boy. (Egolat nodded)


so here comes your last tip of the berg from The Herald





Grab a weapon Mr.President!

He grabbed a riffle from a nearby body as he sat back to back with his last guard.


I am only a president when there is a nation Nathan.

Something hit the hall-way door. Violent snarls and roars came from same direction. The president’s wound bleeded all the more. Nathan took a central attack position near the exit door.


Get out Nathan. I can’t make it! You go, be the one to tell the tale. Take care & give them hell.

Nathan moves to his president. Patted him a little.


Something nasty is heading this way, and soon it will be at this very door. Now when it comes, you either shoot at it or shoot yourself sir. With all due respect, either way, you’re dead! We all are!

Nathan makes for the exit releasing himself from the president’s grip.


Thanks for the motivation Nathan.

Gun corks and bangs. Nathan refuses to look back. He kept on towards the exit.



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