My name is Malcolm Davis

Ex-military, now missionary

Former evaluation: first class survivor, good with all classes of most lethal fire-arms

Adapts to environment, typical spy. SA marine 0095c42- Special missions only.

Recent Evaluation: generous, friendly, jovial civilian. Typical saint, preaches by example… considered converted

Weakness: temper

Strength: Endurance

Not bad…


Blessed are those that are persecuted for righteousness’ sake:

I wasn’t persecuted; I was beaten, flogged, tortured and crucified

Now cursed is he that is hung by a tree

So my curse, contested my blessing

The military man wanted to slit throats, the missionary wanted to save souls.

Now my mission was clearly overridden by my need to survive.

They slowly tortured the spirit of God out of me

Now I am afraid they’ve resurrected my past

This town Belongs to God!

I have spoken. I’ll keep my word

I am….



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