Give me aminute of your time; let me tell you what isee

When I look at you;

I see a potential for success

Success in everything you’ve come to do

Success in this your new pursuit

The road is long. The path is rough

butGod will keep you hale and strong

don’t fail don’t fall achieve your aim

success is higher than you’ve attained

Success is bright, success is light

Success achieved by hard work is pride


now I don’t know how to describe success enough to make youwant it

but I can describe failure well enough to make you detest it

I don’t know success; because I have yet to see it for myself

I have yet to find it. I can only feel it; so near, so close

The truth is that most of us write of success from a failure’s point of view

I know failure because I have failed before

Let me teach youwhat success is by telling you what it is not

Success is not being in the majority

Success is standing out of it

Success is not relying on people

Success means they rely on you

Success creates its own path

Finds its own followers

Success manufactures its own majority

I don’t know where you can find success else I’d just love to show you there

But I know some places you can’t; hence I’d ensure you never go there

Success is not in procrastination

Success is not in defiance

Success is not in fraud or deviousness

Don’t go that far my fellow seeker

Come let me show you

Pull out of the majority

Single out yourself for purpose

This is the one place to find your own success; the specific brand created for you

Reach deep down within yourself

For in those far crannies of your busy mind lies the path to your own success

Right inside of you lies all you’ll need yo make it through

Now that you know where, I commission you with this new inspiration; find success by standing out.

Remember when I said I didn’t know where to find it….. I LIED!

Its in you


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