Lost in a pool of inconvenience and struggle, millions of people now live their lives with no direction no goal

They can’t bring themselves to think of tomorrow coz that very thought makes them flinch

They’ve stopped planning coz all their plans kept failing!

They’ve stopped dreaming coz all their dreams kept dying

Everything they touch withers, every one they love dies

Everywhere they live falls. Now

They’ve got no where to go, no shoulders to lean on, no one to care for

Some now think dying is such a good idea

Some now cry night and day regretting the lives they lived or were born into

Any hope? To some the answer’s no

But No! Hope is here

A promise of a better future encapsulated with glittering promises of a good life for the hopeless

An excellent future for the aimless

A dream for those that never sleep

Success in the place of usual failure

Do not be afraid. You are not alone.

So when things go very wrong, when everyone runs away, when dreams die, when plans fail

When it seems you’re reading the last chapter of your life’s story

Remember this; for that is when life begins, that is when hope returns

Hold on to a future; even while it’s un-clear

Have faith, wait, be patient, be steadfast.

Something big is coming your way.

A small but precious gift called tomorrow

Tomorrow is a promise

Tomorrow is a mission

Tomorrow is the hope we are yearning for

Tomorrow is the guarantee that all can still be set right

Tomorrow is a smile.

Tomorrow should be a prize for those that survived today!


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