Do you think destiny is unstoppable?
Think again!
Do you rely on destiny?
Actually, destiny relies on you
Do you believe in destiny?
Actually, destiny believes in you
Seriously? Destiny Is stoppable
Without your work, help and support, destiny might actually not be.
Destiny calls my friend
Destiny needs you to work
You might not be the greatest teacher of your time
Or the best poet
Or the leading athlete
Or anything of universal worth
But you are destiny’s choice
And she counts on you to make her exist
This is your destiny my friend; this story you live to daily write
The summation of all decisions you ever made
All the opportunities you ever lost
Those things you did or didn’t do
and those little choices you made or never made

those things you chose not to see

Destiny Is what you choose to become!!!

Destiny is you!


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