I won’t say much

I won’t talk about this phase of my life

I won’t describe how I got here

Kill me for this, but I aint telling you shit!

Everyone’s got a story, everyone has a past

For everyone there were easy times and hard times,

Or jolly times and lonely times.

Everyone once had a choice, everyone once made a choice

Now where we find ourselves today is the resultant sum of those choices we made

Sometimes we took our time, measured the situation,

Weighed its ends, considered the gains and laid out its pains

We all had our times to cry

We all had our times of joy

Don’t laugh, it’s not funny;

It’s not funny that I suddenly find my world tearing apart

It’s not funny that I’m loosing friends

It’s not funny that I fell

It’s not funny that I made mistakes

You have your successes and failures too

Why’re you acting like you’ve been great all through

Stop being the reason why others cry

Start being the purpose for joy and life

I’m not asking you to be good to all

I’m advising you to be nice to some

I have this problem with myself

I try to be cool to satisfy all

Impossible I realized, but it’s late to turn

I’m gonna just be myself from now hence forth

I’ll be the same old usual me

You don’t like me?

Well then go fuck yourself!


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