I stood at the edge of the 70meter tower that evening

Ready to take a dive to the great beyond

A crowd gathered below the tower

Ready to witness yet another suicide

I was already dead on the inside… and death they say is death at all

So I guess I’m writing this document from my after life

I have no regrets as I choose to live this world today

None except that I was born at all

I lived 20yrs doing nothing

School, more school, and school again

Grades and result confirmed I was a societal-incompetence

A typical example of an un-impressionable fellow

Failure personified my teachers said

The views of the people around, their judgment of me

The society’s evaluation of my personality

Their reactions to my suggestions

Have made all my abilities seem like inabilities

Everyone said I am useless and I accepted their opinion

I am killing myself to make them happy

I am thinking with their minds

By constantly borrowing their opinions I have come to have no personal evaluation of my self

I have come to support them. I have failed to reach out deep inside of me and think for myself

Make myself worthy of respect.

Now if you listen to them every time, if you accept all the advices given to you

And consider all their sarcasm; you’ll end up like me

Feeling useless and ready to die

And if you take your own life, you have failed yourself

As for me, I’m slowly climbing down this tower to announce to them

That I’ve found a better version of me

I’ve discovered my own path

I do have a Destiny after all, because I’m going to make one for me.

Now let the world listen to this voice they once called a failure

As I give a clearer newer definition of  Success

For in the place of death, I have found an afterlife


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