The Altar is sending a message….

To the young one crying for food God is the bread of life, to the poor man in the streets God is not just a provider, he is the provision.

To the woman with five children that sleeps by the road side and under the bridge God is your shelter,

To the child that cannot be loved ’cause his momma never wanted him, she was only raped and that’s how he was born… well, Jesus loves you still. 

Simply to every hurting spirit, to every broken heart, to everyone crying to be free from the pain of many severe addictions I give you God, the balm of Gilead.

To the Christian avoiding sin Christ is your righteousness, to the sinner enduring the slavery of his soul, God is your freedom. To the one stressed by the enemy and burdened with so much sorrow, God is not just a deliverer, he is the deliverance. God is our only hope, our only source, and you will find that even for all the many questions you have, God is the only answer.

If you have any real needs to talk with someone or seek counsel, you have anything you think the wisdom of God can help resolve, let’s connect!

Anupraise +2348123168053 #TheAltar

This is my letter to the world, God has sent me to all of you, especially to the poor and abased, the rejected and the humiliated, let me show you how God can fix it all for free…


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