Call it a day

You only live once

You are only promised today. In fact, not to the end

There may be no tomorrow yet prepare for it

There may be no next time yet hope for it

There may be no future, but it is wise to expect it

Coz if you happen to see tomorrow, today will be your Yesterday

Kansas City Chiefs v Jacksonville Jaguars

Risk it all for just this one moment

To be once happy and to remember that forever

The past has gone; leaving behind nothing at all

It took away every second of the expended days

The present is here… looking unlikely

Things happening one before the other

Everything simultaneously disorderly

Promising to converge at a reasonable point

To turn out alright or may be not

The future is approaching a little faster than we supposed

The time is now

Take a pause, live the moment with the awareness of an inbound future

Create a joy for tomorrow that can overcome the regrets of yesterday


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