I recall a lot about my life.
they say “a better today should make one forget yesterday”
in my case I remember yesterday more than I think about today. I own houses in places where only people who need no introduction are found, I drive only limited versions of cars,I think most of the things I use are limited versions, I am celebrated world wide,  no gathering with a name is complete without me behind the piano, I am an ambassador for 28 companies in Africa and 8 outside the walls of Africa. I know most of you will wish to have a life like mine. ##Read Further. I crawled for 6 years and wheeled in a chair for 14 years, I walk today because someone endured pain, heat, and gave time to help me; Aunty Sue an adopted sister to my dad.

I need no introduction today because someone sacrificed time, money, and a lot more for me to have a little education even though I couldn’t get the one most parents want for their kids. That was not all the support i needed. I am strong and healthy today because another someone thought it good to give an organ from his body to a written off girl. R.I.P Dr Damian.

I needed a kidney,my name was on 9 organizations waiting list -none helped. 60% of my life was spent from one hospital bed to another. Even in Granny’s house where I thought things would turn out a little better, no one could stand the stress of helping a teenager in a wheel chair. Most even wrote me off. That was where the name “written off girl” came from, I was a waste before the change. I lost my dad, I think he spent all of his life after my birth,trying make me feel a little normal.


I can tell today that was too hard a job. My step mum said she could help, I guess she was blinded by love. A year after marriage, she caught fire and coupled with the way things got with my dad, Step mum took a decision many women will take.

I blamed my mum most times before today for my suffering, but I believe every woman wants children; a boy and a girl at least. I can today relate to her reason for insisting in her condition to have me. I was told my mum left this world before I got to it. The doctors delivered me. With help from friends who have today become family, I am that person you wished you were from the beginning. My name is Anita Raymond and this is a summary of my story from where I stand to where I struggled from, I call it the #ACCEDE 

You have anything to say on #Accede (the movie) call DONALD +2347038784999


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