The Altar is sending a message….

To the young one crying for food God is the bread of life, to the poor man in the streets God is not just a provider, he is the provision.

To the woman with five children that sleeps by the road side and under the bridge God is your shelter,

To the child that cannot be loved ’cause his momma never wanted him, she was only raped and that’s how he was born… well, Jesus loves you still.  Continue reading


Unchanging word

scripture says ” not one jot shall pass away”

God speaks

we cant break his word, his word breaks us, we cant change his word, his word changes us. we cant control his word, if we are true Christians in fact, we wont even try. . .

i’m back now as a Gospel writer and as that alone.

Jesus is lord, stay with this blog

Call it a day

You only live once

You are only promised today. In fact, not to the end

There may be no tomorrow yet prepare for it

There may be no next time yet hope for it

There may be no future, but it is wise to expect it

Coz if you happen to see tomorrow, today will be your Yesterday

Kansas City Chiefs v Jacksonville Jaguars

Risk it all for just this one moment

To be once happy and to remember that forever

The past has gone; leaving behind nothing at all

It took away every second of the expended days

The present is here… looking unlikely

Things happening one before the other

Everything simultaneously disorderly

Promising to converge at a reasonable point

To turn out alright or may be not

The future is approaching a little faster than we supposed

The time is now

Take a pause, live the moment with the awareness of an inbound future

Create a joy for tomorrow that can overcome the regrets of yesterday

Why live forever?

lacking the spirit to fight on

loosing the zeal to carry on

i am between two worlds torn

grown of age, weary of life

here i lie about to die.

and if you my doctor will revive me to life

I’d with you be furious sir



for i am at the point of an edifying death

a life well spent tending the need of others

i was important while i lived but

but tiz important that i know the certainty of death

those who lived well, fear not to die

and if life was presented me without the option of a blessed death

i would have rejected it… i don’t buy the idea of living forever, neither can i accept it for free!

Nobody is a nobody

you are god

You have several personalities, most of them amazing

The likeness of God, you are no ordinary human

You a dynamic representation of the latest version of God’s creativity

What a gift you are,

What an energy you carry

You are too significant to be cast away

Depending on how you see yourself,

You are the best person that walks the earth in your time

You have the finest goals and what it takes to get there

So when everything begins to rhyme, and all factors fall into proper place

You will discover who you really are, because the truth is that

You are god!



I recall a lot about my life.
they say “a better today should make one forget yesterday”
in my case I remember yesterday more than I think about today. I own houses in places where only people who need no introduction are found, I drive only limited versions of cars,I think most of the things I use are limited versions, I am celebrated world wide,  no gathering with a name is complete without me behind the piano, I am an ambassador for 28 companies in Africa and 8 outside the walls of Africa. I know most of you will wish to have a life like mine. ##Read Further. I crawled for 6 years and wheeled in a chair for 14 years, I walk today because someone endured pain, heat, and gave time to help me; Aunty Sue an adopted sister to my dad.

I need no introduction today because someone sacrificed time, money, and a lot more for me to have a little education even though I couldn’t get the one most parents want for their kids. That was not all the support i needed. I am strong and healthy today because another someone thought it good to give an organ from his body to a written off girl. R.I.P Dr Damian.

I needed a kidney,my name was on 9 organizations waiting list -none helped. 60% of my life was spent from one hospital bed to another. Even in Granny’s house where I thought things would turn out a little better, no one could stand the stress of helping a teenager in a wheel chair. Most even wrote me off. That was where the name “written off girl” came from, I was a waste before the change. I lost my dad, I think he spent all of his life after my birth,trying make me feel a little normal.


I can tell today that was too hard a job. My step mum said she could help, I guess she was blinded by love. A year after marriage, she caught fire and coupled with the way things got with my dad, Step mum took a decision many women will take.

I blamed my mum most times before today for my suffering, but I believe every woman wants children; a boy and a girl at least. I can today relate to her reason for insisting in her condition to have me. I was told my mum left this world before I got to it. The doctors delivered me. With help from friends who have today become family, I am that person you wished you were from the beginning. My name is Anita Raymond and this is a summary of my story from where I stand to where I struggled from, I call it the #ACCEDE 

You have anything to say on #Accede (the movie) call DONALD +2347038784999

The Equilibrum

there is good, but then there is evil

there are things that should be and those that shouldn’t

the world started yesterday

yesterday is history

today is news

tomorrow is speculation and the past, the present

even the future depends on what is declared right or wrong by the society of now

define the world you’d love to be in

define the values of a society your children will grow around

if there’s good, evil must exist somewhere no too far

be the balance, be the legend, nothing’s beyond goodness

sniff out that evil, kill it with good-will and love for the fellow man

in your time, shortly before your season passes

about a split second to your final breath

you’d glance back at your story briefly

and judge yourself

and say yes! there is good, there is evil too, but i am the equilibrium!

The Second Half

sport-graphics-running-928111we ran tirelessly in the first

we toiled, we laboured, we planted and sowed

the first six months of the year had us do our best

here we are today; quite happy, really thankful

for the things we’ve sown one day shall ripen

and one day we will laugh to the venue of surplus harvest

one day all the early rising and hardworking, and the many sleepless nights will pay

one day within this second half, you will be glad you survived the first

JULY 2014… this is the future we thought we might not see

when we stand in yesterday, tomorrow will be far

but for those of us that live in the fullness of the moment, tomorrow will soon be yesterday

happy new month… welcome to the second half

Happy New month


As the seasons and days go by

let us recall the favors we’ve received

let us be grateful to God whom we believe


its a new month once again my friend

may it bring us the blessings that pend

may this new month our coast extend

and may it also our faults amend

may we possess all we need to expend

may God provide all we indeed shall spend


may the new month unite us as one

reconciling us to the holy one

may the day be good in rain or sun

that we may begin and continue to enjoy

blessings for you dear reader…. all is well

happy new month